Mission Statement

Global Health & Learning is determined to put an end to lack of health care and the inability to educate children globally. We are providing lifesaving and life affirming resources globally by gaining international partnerships, building a digital community, constructing educational programs, developing health clinics and creating orphanage homes that provides a safe, supportive and positive environment for adolescence, youth, and young adults around the globe.

Vision Statement

Global Health & Learning envision our future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all adolescences, youth and young adults globally.

About Us

Celebrating its 1st year as an organization, this foundation grew out of the success of Yahweh Global Ministries. It was founded and directed for years by Seweh V. Duncan. Global Health & Learning first opened its doors January 2016 with the mission: Now is the time more than ever to help!

Global Health & Learning identified a need within the country of Liberia for a school located within outskirts Monrovia. More than five hundred children within the year 2016 were unable to go to school due to the cost for uniforms, medical impairments, tuition, lunch and transportation fees. Global Health & Learning developed an elementary school between the grades of kindergarten to sixth grade. Due to the lack of resources, Global Health & Learning has stepped in to assist with building a middle and high school that goes from seventh grade to twelfth grade.

Global Health & Learning vision includes expanding programming, becoming a greater part of the world community and continue to partner and work with people that seeks to make a difference within the world.

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