Health & Education Needs in the World

336x280Education and nutrition are inevitably intertwined with each other. One of the connections found between the two is how the former leaves a great impact on one’s lifestyle and overall health. This is the very reason why several organizations are intensifying their efforts to grant education and health care access to children, especially those in third-world countries.

Educating Poor Kids Can Help Improve Their Overall Health Proper sanitation Nowadays, the government, different organizations and academic institutions are closely working together to teach students how vital maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation is.

Healthier food choice A study funded by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service showed that nutrition education programs significantly help individuals arrive at healthier food choices.

Opportunities for better health Education is a crucial determining factor whether or not you’ll have a good job and a steady source of income. Getting an individual educated is tantamount to giving him the opportunity to have the resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Improved social and emotional skills Exposing third-world children to a well-maintained educational facility is an advantageous means of letting them acquire vital social and emotional skills. Being healthy is more than just having a fit, illness-free body.

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