Elevating From Primary to Secondary School


Having seen the eagerness of the children wanting to learn for the betterment of their future,has triggered our passion to upgrade the school from primary school to secondary. In most cases we have seen in montserrado county (Liberia) where you find children selling on the street because their parents can’t afford to pay their tuition in other case , you’ll see a child spying at a school window just picking a chance to learn something he/she ought learn but due to circumstances they were not opportune.

Children in other counties in Liberia also face similar challenges but in different forms wherein children are learning in an uncomfortable position like sitting on the floor or on stones at times.Teens nowadays are getting pregnant and some end up taking in drug and stealing in the street because they lacked the financial support to school. As it is often said the children are our future so let us invest now for a better Liberia and a better world. Global Health & Learning is here to assist.




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